Two times GOTEK powered Amstrad CPC 6128 please.

… or quick and clean way to make a cool CPCs


The “LED works but I don’t have PSU to check it…” series 😀

Yeah, eBay sellers rulez 😀

Another post with 6128 but this time, apart from standard refurb job I will also demo a nice way (IMO) to mount GOTEK inside.

I had these two nice Amstrads 6128. I wanted to refurbish both units but also make use of ’em. I don’t have any 3″ floppies so I’ve decided to put GOTEKs inside and add a switchable dual OS ROM.
This is how it looked.

Cleaning is usually my first step and so it was here.

Both keyboards were cleaned but I didn’t retr0bright ’em.

Now, here is a nice trick to keep your machines good looking.
Machines that have cases made out of dark plastic, like ZX Spectrum 128k +2 or Amstrads, always after a solid cleaning look really dry and bad in general.
In that case, I usually apply a thin layer of oil which fills damaged plastic structure and brings back the original color. Obviously, do not use engine oil as it might damage some polymers but rather use silicone or baby oil lol 😀
Here is a pic with silicone oil partially applied.

Now, GOTEKs.
First needed thing is a chassis for GOTEKs PCB.
I’ve downloaded one from but it was a model that supports OLED display. I wanted to put standard 8-segment LCD in it so I’ve quickly created an addon to the front panel of a 3D printed piece.

Ok, now few other tiny things. Skrew studs were cracked a bit.
Here is how I’ve fixed ’em.

A bit of cyano-acrylic glue with “custom” holders did the trick 😀

… plus a bit of reinforcement

Let me know in the comments section If you want me to post STL files for 3D printing … if I’ll ever find ’em lol.
Just too many projects in an ongoing state :D.

Gotek wiring

Ok, so now we have almost everything ready and waiting for upgrades 🙂

Obviously, we have a connection problem so it has to be rewired.
I did a similar cable to those that I’ve already covered in one of the previous posts

Ok, now its time for …

ROM mods

This machines deserved a switchable ROM.
I’ve burned a similar set as in previous mod again.

The switch was put in place of an original power supply cable.

Two refurbished Amstrads 6128 with GOTEKs

That’s it for today 🙂
Yeah, I know I am lazy with posts recently but I’ll try harder 🙂
… promise 😀


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