Below, links to re-sellers and friends with awesome content. Highly recommended! Visit, follow, and subscribe!

RetroLemon – Official distributor for UK market

MEGA65 – Website of a modern Commodore 65 project – One of my favorite projects of all time!

CTRL-ALT-REES – Excellent retro computer YT channel of Rees. Very high-quality stuff there!

FlashJazzCat – A YT channel of Jon. Focused mainly on Atari! Pure awesomeness! – Portal about our beloved retro machines – Polish

RetroRGB – The best YT channel with the most up-to-date news in retro gaming!

JagNes Fest – Extremely cool party focused on Atari Jaguar and  NES organized by my friends Piter, Jesionen and MWK

The Big Lubawski Games Collection – FB fan page of my friend who has … quite a few games …

Perifractics RetroRecipes – An awesome YT channel of my friend Chris who converts my crappy posts into excellent videos! Plus many more!