ThED – MOS technology TED replacement for Commodore 264 series

EDIT: an update is HERE


This time it is not a story but rather a piece of news. Willy/Lamers and, we are working on a TED replacement project. As we all know, TED is very often fried in all those precious C16s, C116s, or Plus/4s and there is no replacement. We aim to change it so we’ve started the ThED project.

We already have a working PoC but we still have a lot to do to get it fully working. We will show our PoC at the SillyVenture party which happens to start tomorrow – the 6th of Dec 2019

I will be writing updates on and on the FaceBook fan page so if you are interested in this project, then make sure you are subscribed and follow us on FB 🙂

The ThED will be available through the webshop.

Here are some pics of a working PoC along with an R&D desk 😀

20 thoughts on “ThED – MOS technology TED replacement for Commodore 264 series

  1. Hopefully the project will be successfull. We need a replacement, keep our C16 alive please 🙂 Thank you.

        1. Well, what can I say… The project was finished 2 years ago, then IC market shortages hit and we are kinda … unable to manufacture it :/

  2. I would buy this. My Plus 4 owned from new is now sadly behaving oddly and believe I need a new TED.

  3. Very nice! I just picked up a Commodore 16 (well two, a really good condition one with box, then one trashed one for parts) a few weeks ago, that’s in need of repairs. I think the TED on both might still be alright, but if a replacement is needed, it’s good to see something modern is coming up 🙂

    Just curious, I see you’re using HDMI in the proof of concept version, is the replacement going to do analog video like composite and split Y/C too? HDMI will come in handy, but I still prefer the glow of my Commodore 1702 🙂

    1. It is USB and is only a part of a dev kit. The final solution will be a drop-in replacement so you will only have a standard option like in stock computer 🙂

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