Commodore C16 – RAM upgrade and internal SD2IEC mount

… or another C16 on my bench 🙂


This time, a short post about RAM upgrade in C16 and internal SD2IEC installation plus dual OS ROM.

Some time ago I was asked to make some mods to C16. I had a C16 that had a fried TED chip but I didn’t have a replacement for it so this nice Commodore landed on a shelf. However, I managed to order TED from eBay and when it was delivered I could restart working on this machine.

The plan was to install a dual OS ROM, internal SD2IEC, and extend RAM to 64K which would result in a machine very similar to Plus/4.

By the way, the TED replacement is incoming – the ThED project.

Anyway, I’ve started with a RAM upgrade. There are articles with a detailed description of how to do it so there is no need to cover everything here again. First I had to put sockets under two RAM chips and two 74ls257 logic chips. Original 4416 RAM chips were replaced by 41464s. I had to solder a few wires from chips to a switch.

Aaaaaand ready 😀

Next, I soldered all SD2IEC wires and installed them inside a case.

I’ve put two large heatsinks on chips and installed a dual OS ROM with a switch.

Mods finished and another happy customer too … hopefully 🙂


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