The ThED project – update

The ThED project – update

Short info for those who didn’t notice it earlier. Willy/Lamers and myself, we are working on the ThED project – MOS TED replacement.

We have another really short update about slowed down by C19 progress … but still progress 😀

Willy has won quite a few battles so far and nailed a few problems so we are slowly moving forward with a prototype.

The prototype is working but we are still battling minor issues. We just need to eliminate all possible hardware mistakes and then we will be finally ready to order some proto PCBs.

Above, actual footage of video outputted by the ThED prototype.

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10 thoughts on “The ThED project – update

    1. Well, ThED is undergoing heavy testing at the moment. I will write a seprate post about it soon.

  1. Jorg don’t worry for to. This project is hopefully is panacea on TED bricked 264 computers

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