The mouSTer project – another, another UPDATE


A short update on the mouSTer project 🙂

A lot going on lately and not only with mouSTer. Which is good and not boring 😀


As you’ve already noticed, the mouSTer is out of stock for nearly four weeks. Everything that could go wrong … went wrong. First, we’ve had issues with orders from Mouser electronics which is located in Texas. Due to the snowstorm, everything was slowed down including postage services. Later, some other ordered parts were stuck in Belgium customs. Then we had issues with PCBs and the list goes on and on. However, finally, I’ve received the first part of a large batch. Fortunately, the assembly plant is located nearby so I can go there every day and pick up a part of the whole order of still warm mouSTers so I can start shipping 🙂

I will be putting it back in stock shortly after this post goes online.

Official retrohax re-seller on eBay

Here is a link to’s official eBay re-seller. It is run by our friend who also has more retro goodness. Yes, we are aware that prices are higher but please note that eBay and PayPal are not there for charity and they charge quite a lot. Also, there are very good shipping options through this store and other solutions that some people choose eBay over this website.


Some of you may have noticed and signed up for an in-stock notifier. I have an in-stock notifier list displayed in front of me now and I already know it is going to be heavy package lifting as there are tons of orders to process. SO PLEASE don’t shoot emails at me if there are one or two days of delay as I am processing shipping single-handedly. I will do my best to process shipping as quickly as possible but I need to sleep too 😉

Firmware updates

There was one, but major firmware update since the last post and another update is going to be released soon with even more cool stuff.

3.12.2019 ->

  • Sixaxis aka DualShock3 aka PS3 controller support added!!!
  • Xbox360 controller support added!!!
  • Trackball emulation mode added (experimental).
  • Reverse polarization setting for emulation of 2 and 3 buttons joystick added.
  • USB joystick class device fixed.
  • Fixed error of analog joystick with devices without HAT.
  • C1351 fixed the issue under NTSC machines.
  • Sony DS4 and DS5 are confirmed working

Willy/Lamers just received a package with a wireless dongle for Xbox360 so he will be working on a wireless solution for this PAD as it currently works via wire. Willy is an electronics god so it will be OK after all 😉


This time we were surprised by a YT video that was released by Steven Combs.

Turns out that Steven tested the mouSTer with MEGA65!!! How cool is that?!

Have a look at his channel and this review of the MEGA65 project is a pure awesomesauce!!

REVISION 2021!!!

Our –> LAMERS <– entry scored 3rd place on this year’s REVISION 2021!

Kudos to Shexbeer, XTD, Radi0n, and Stilgar for this production!


Stay tuned for the ThED project and some other retro gear-related news! … like I said, a lot is going on! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “The mouSTer project – another, another UPDATE

  1. Just got the MouSTer a few days ago… Great product! No trouble at all using with a USB mouse on the Atari XEGS.

    I did run into a little trouble with my gamepad though– I’ve got an older Microsoft ‘Sidewinder Game Pad USB version 1.0’. It’s a purely digital pad with no analog axes. For some reason, it seems to register the ‘up’, ‘left’, and Fire buttons only; ‘down’ and ‘right’ don’t register at all.

    I’m using the latest firmware with default settings (although I’ve also tried the ‘mode=02’ to lock to gamepad mode only.

    Anything I’m missing here? Are there there some changes I need to make elsewhere in the .ini file, or will it only handle just certain gamepads?


  2. Just got 2 of the mouSTers here, plugged into Amiga 500, didn’t work of course because need to fiddle with firmware. So, stuck in a USB drive, and …well, I knew this already, but for anyone else coming along:

    Yes, the drive has to have a Fat32 filesystem on it. Ext filesystems (and likely, exFat, HFS+, Amiga FFS/SFS/PFS3 etc (: I have NO idea if the Atari Doslike filesystem will work.)

    It also seems to need to be MSDos format; certainly not RDB Amiga partitioned (: But GPT partitioning does not work either. I set my partition to type $0C, WIN95 OSR2 FAT32, LBA-mapped.

    If you don’t have the drive set up that way – i.e. “dumb Windows crap” (: the mouster will blink “SOS” at you. In Morse Code. Like the document says. This is AWESOME and totally proper way of doing it. Morse Code! f*n sweet.

    I created a partition of 100MB or so, formated as fat32, and created the mouSTer directory; stuck the firmware in the root (as someone else indicated that is where it was actually looked for in another forum thread) and plugged it into my Amiga 500 (ACA500+ equipped, os 3.1.4)

    Took the drive out, edited the document, changed it to Mouse only, Amiga mode. Noted all the other options. God damn I love scener created devices.

    Stuck the USB back in, plugged the mouSTer back into the A500, mouSTer updated, took USB disk out and stuck in a Kensington Slingblade USB trackball. (Yes, that’s an expensive thing.)


    (I did NOT remove the ^M damage, it probably expects DOS mode, not Unix mode files – please confirm for all of us not using braindead Microsoft things – I’m sure some ST folks using mInt will agree here (: )

    Loving the dates in the changelog.txt – the first public release in 1743 must have been really interesting (:

    Ok, so, you KNOW I want to know if we can get this to freaking do a freaking tablet. I’ll bet it can do a freaking tablet with some changes. NOT NOW. Not that I’m not gonna try RIGHT THIS FREAKING MINUTE

    holy freakin sh*t

    it works with my Wacom ONE tablet. (as a mouse. obviously “all the buttons” do not have mappings. And the Wacom will need some tweaks with the settings in the INI. but holy sht I did NOT expect that to fn work)

    (also tested a Logitech marble mouse; works.)

    ok let’s try my Bamboo tablet

    This fn works with my fn bamboo tablet. (again, as a mouse. Not all buttons work, because it doesn’t know how to read the signals, IF ANY, are coming from the thing.)

    Holy freakin sh*tballs

    (also: mass congrats on the demo at Revision, say hi to XTD, and f* twitch for cutting me off from gushing over XTD being in the freaking chat. Ok now you know who this is.)

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