ORIC-1 – shamefully short blog post

… or there was nearly nothing to fix 🙁


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I do not always buy alcohol … err, I meant working computers … sad but true this time. I’ve bought an Oric-1 for my friend Wendell but it turned out there is not much I can do to fix it … since it just worked 🙁

Only simple jobs like cleaning and minor fixes. I was hoping it was in a bit worse shape but … no …

Anyway, here we go 🙂

Once delivered

Some pics of Oric-1 once it was delivered.


Yeah, not much here either. Only a few screws and a SINGLE, broken ceramic and not that important capacitor 🙁

It is worth mentioning that it runs on marvelous 6502!

Electronically wise, that’s it. It just worked

KB cleaning

Quick disassembly of the keyboard and cleaning it.

Unfortunately … that is it 🙁

The Oric-1 was cleaned and “fixed” but nothing spectacular this time. Below is how it turned out.


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5 thoughts on “ORIC-1 – shamefully short blog post

  1. Dbug/Defense Force will be VERY happy if you would do something with that machine – and he can probably tell you anything you want to know about it’s internals and oddities. (If there’s ever another Norwegian demoparty, you might meet him there. He’ll be the one with the French accent.)

    Triple Dubya punktum defence-force piste org for tons of stuff about it. French/English stuff, MAYBE something in some other language might be found? Maybe? OK, I just checked the library – and no, no Polish. 1 very thin document in the 4 languages of former Yugoslavia, though. Which, you know. Is sort of not at all close to Polish? (:

    (Dbug actually has stats listing the languages of the documents in his library… WTG Dbug (: )

    1. Ha! good to know! I’ll try to catch him on IRC once I’ll dug out myself out of a pile of old computers lol :>

  2. Oh, Dbug/Defense Force will be happy – and he’ll be very happy to help you with anything you need to know about that machine.

    He’s got the website at triple-dubya piste defence-force punktum org. You’ll find TONS of stuff there for it. Heck, some might even be in Polish (though I think a majority will be in French – but loads in English.)

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