#SHORTS – ROM adapter hax

… or a cool tool to revive your old machine


Another #SHORTS episode. This time, featuring a very nice solution to fix damaged ROM chips in our beloved retro computers.

It was created by Nicolas Welte and is described HERE. Nicolas, thank you for this handy adapter!

This little adapter helped me fix tons of machines already and I’ve decided to write a short post about it.

This adapter allows inserting a freshly programmed Flash ROM chip into computers (or other hardware) where original chips cannot be reused due to damage, or availability problems. I’ve even heard, that people are using it in older cars to reprogram injection pump electronics.

Configuration jumpers allow replacing 2364, 23128, or 23256 ROMs with it. It also accepts a variety of EPROM or Flash ROM chips like 27C64-27C512, 29C256-29C010, plus, pin-compatible devices like 28Cxxx or 29Fxxx. The full description along with a usage manual HERE

It is no longer manufactured and sold by the original author but you can still get it from my shop in the form of DIY KIT. It is also available through my re-sellers eBay shop.

A DIY KIT contains a 32-pin socket, PCB, four SMD resistors, and a set of gold pins.

Assembly is pretty straightforward.

In my example, I will be using Winbond W27C512 FlashROM simply because I have plenty of those in my drawer.

Setting up jumpers.

Soldering SMD resistors according to manual.

Soldering gold pin rows.

Trimming excess solder so a socket or chip fits nicely.

Ready! with a chip soldered directly if you have height limits.

…or a version with a socket to test various firmware easily or DiagROMs.

When burning a Flash/EPROM chip, this little table with offsets is very handy.


In the below example I am replacing a damaged 24-PIN BASIC ROM in an Atari 65XE

Another example with Commodore VIC-20 and JiffyDos install. Full post HERE

That’s it 🙂

See you in the next post.


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