Colored keycaps – Vacuum forming research continued

… or it will take a while to figure it out

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This one is a short post about keycap adventures again 😀

I’ve been trying to resolve this keycaps issue without the use of semi-transparent paint that I’ve originally discovered some years ago while covering the first Extreme Refurbishing post. I am glad that this method is now widely used by other folks in the retro community but still I feel that there is more to be done in that matter.

I’ve covered one of my ideas in one of my blog posts before and I’ve failed there. However, I don’t give up that easily, so I’ve bought (yeah, I know I didn’t end up fully making a machine out of it … but I just had to know if the idea works) a dedicated machine for vacuum forming and started research from scratch.

The beginning

The machine that I grabbed from the Internetz was a VacuForm.

It came in very well packed and was super easy to set up.

The test

To test my idea, I’ve prepared some yellowed C64 keycaps and started the procedure.

And yeah, 16 degrees Celsius is my standard working temp during winter ;P

Why would you need gloves these days? LoL! 😀

I’ve used a PVC foil that is widely used in car light tunning for starters and here is how it all looked.


The very first problem (that is visible in the above video) is that the whole machine vibrates while sucking up air. This means I will have to make some sort of a stand for all keycaps to keep’em in place.

Also, the results are pretty lame. I didn’t achieve anything anywhere close to what I would like to get.

I did a second round but with quickly made standoffs and the results were a bit better but still lame.


In general, the idea works well but still requires a bit of tunning. I also need to test other kinds of materials and design a proper stand for keycaps. I also need to figure out how to wrap foil under the keycap to prevent it from peeling off. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to write about them in the comments section below or on FB and Twitter.

However, the good thing is that PVC can be peeled off relatively easily if you want to go back to the original color.

Anyway, the research continues so stay tuned 😉


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  1. Did you try to continue warming the PVC with an hair dryer while the machine is sucking air? this could help to stick the plastic also near the key edge.

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