#SHORTS – DIY PSU for Atari XL/XE series

… or a nicely looking PSU for your 8-bit Atari


Recently, I was looking for a PSU for Atari 800XL that I fixed some time ago. I’ve figured out that I can make one so, this short post will show you how to make a cheap and nicely-looking DIY PSU for Atari XL/XE series.

Since XL/XE series uses only 5VDC, this build will be super simple. We only need two parts a PSU and a proper plug.

I chose a popular Meanwell PSU and a good-quality DIN plug. Links below.

Meanwell GST25A05 5V 4A

Deltron 610-0700 male, 7 PIN 270°

The build

After cutting off the original plug, it Is only a matter of soldering wires to the proper pins.

The wire with a white stripe on one side is a +5V line and the other is GND. Just remember to measure it as it might differ in your case.

There are 7 pins. The middle one is not connected. In the picture below, 3 pins on the left must be bridged and a +5V wire soldered to them. 3 remaining pins on the right also have to be bridged together and connected to the GND wire.

Now it is only a matter of screwing it all together.

Quick tests

The moment of truth …

Yay! It works!

If you still think you cannot make it by yourself my eBay re-seller has these PSUs available HERE


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