Installing a Vampire inside Amiga 500

… or A500 on steroids


I discovered a new kind of flower while partying on SillyVenture 2018
I present you Beeronius Vulgaris! lol


A few months ago I’ve experimented with a hydrographic coating of Amiga cases.
Forrest from the US bought one of these A500s from me.
He even pushed it a bit more and swapped the keyboard to a black from CDTV.
I must admit that it looks way better with a black keyboard now 🙂

Forrest decided to upgrade it with a Vampire 500 V2+ accelerator card but he couldn’t find anyone around to do this job for him. Well, he found someone who tried to fit a card inside A500 but failed. He failed so heavily that even after removing a card, A500 didn’t want to work again. Forrest then asked me for help. I’ve never played with Vampire 500 V2+ before so I was like …

The job

After some troubles with the customs office, I finally received a package and started to poke around.

Here is a pic of a card itself

… and A500 back in my home again 😀

For all you perceptive folks … take a quick look and tell me why this Amiga didn’t even want to boot 😉

The HDMI socket was also damaged a bit.

Anyway, Vampire installation is super easy and required … plugging it properly.
That’s it. It worked right away lol.

While that A500 was at my place, I was able to 3D print a side dummy plug for it out of black PLA with my new (at that time) 3D printer (that I will cover in one of the future posts someday).

I’ve also supplied it with a better CF2IDE adapter.
Instead of this …

I’ve hooked it up with this …

After installation, I booted it and played around for a while.
Vertical stripes on a picture are there because of my faulty plasma TV 😉

I must admit that this card is a hurricane. A500 boots in an instant, work super fast, and catapults you into way new Amiga world yet to be explored 😉

Forrest is now the happy owner of a modded A500 with a Vampire card in it.

This time greetz go to:

My fellow group members for neverending supportLAMERS


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