3 Amigos … err Amigas – immersion printing

… or HydroGraphics to the rescue!


A pic titled “One cap to fail them all”


This is gonna be a short post or rather pictorial of one of my past projects.

After disassembly and cleaning of around twenty A500s, I realized that some cases are made of a bit different plastic. These different plastic cases tend to turn yellow heavily and will not evenly retr0bright. I did run 3-4 rounds of retr0brighting and results were still poor. I’ve ended up with three cases that simply looked ugly. I left it for a while and repaired the remaining 17 units.
In the meantime, we had a discussion on our Lamers group channel. Willy/Lamers suggested trying out hydrographic method. I was a bit skeptical after reading about this technique. It is not easy to properly apply this thin film onto an object that has many small details. There are also a lot of conditions that have to be met in order to get good results …
However, the challenge was accepted and I decided that I’ll give it a go and below are results of my work 🙂

Amigo no.1

Amigo no.2

Amigo no.3

All three together

One of the happy buyers equipped it with a black keyboard and sent me a pic 😉



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  1. Define ugly. Ugly because it doesn’t match your taste? Ugly, because you don’t like immersion printing? Ugly, because you are a purist and you don’t like such mods?

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