C64 ALDI - quick refurb job

... or a story about a C64 version sold along with potatoes back in a day


This is going to be a very short post about a quick refurbishing project of C64 ALDI that I did a few days ago.
I won't gonna go into details about what ALDI is. Just have a look here for a brief history lesson.

Job request

One of my Norwegian friends asked me if I could get him a Commodore 64 ALDI version and build-in an SD2IEC (SD card storage) in it. I had an opportunity to get ALDI from one of C64power forum users via a bidding portal, but it required some extra work like cleaning and de-yellowing.
It was also missing some keys that I had to steal from my spare ALDI keyboard.

Here are some pics after unboxing it.

Quick refurb results

The procedure is pretty much the same as with C64G so I'll skip on posting boring refurbishing process photos this time.
Here are some pics of how it looked after I've finished my work.

Keycaps after de-yellowing.

And here it is! Fully cleaned and assembled ALDI with built in SD2IEC :)

See ya next time :)


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