Amiga 600 – recapping and minor fixes

… or dafaq is that gooey ?!


Some time ago mCCnEx of WantedTeam demoscene group, asked me to have a look at his Amiga 600. There was a major issue with a broken keyboard membrane but
I’ve described the membrane fixing process in one of my previous posts

What I didn’t describe, was some extra fixes that were introduced to this A600.


The first thing that struck me right after opening the A600 case was how dirty it was. It looked like It wasn’t cleaned properly after some repairs. Flux residue everywhere!
It also had a sign of corrosion induced by faulty capacitors. Amiga was working but it was definitely the last bell to replace caps and avoid future leakage.

Here are some pics of how it looked prior to work.

Hairy PAULA lolol

Hairy PAULA under the microscope

After unscrewing the motherboard from a case, it was even worse. There were a lot of weird-looking gooey next to various SMT components and lots of poorly resoldered joints.

It looked kinda gruesome under a microscope, like an alien fungi attack lol

Cleaning and recapping

It turned out that “gooey” is easily removed with isopropyl alcohol. At this stage, I’ve also desoldered all suspected caps. In fact, nearly all electrolytic caps.

These five have already shown signs of leakage.

Few pics after cleaning and soldering on new caps.

The LEDs panel had a minor problem that had to be corrected so fixing that pretty much finished the repair.

It all works nicely now 😀

Final keyboard tests.


That’s it for today. See ya next time 😉


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