Amstrad CPC 464 - The turmoil - PART ONE

... or how my Amstrad load youtube


Photo of the week

This time I present you a photo titled "The great chase of a 1337 h4x0r !"

Obviously, this had to be a 1337 hacker inside purple Lanos since her/his car was speeding 14Tb/s through a snow covered road and I couldn't catch up with him (most probably because of my dog sledding team was hungry, lol).

Amstrad no.1 - My Amy 464

Finally, I've got my Amstrad CPC464 from < INSERT OBVIOUS BIDDING PORTAL NAME >

I had all necessary cabling already done during Schneider project so I've quickly hooked it up to PSU and a monitor aaaaaand..... worked !!111!one!eleven1.

Moreover, to my surprise, it was in a very good shape.
It just needed a couple of small fixes and a bit of cleaning here and there. Pure pleasure to fix.

Keyboard was bent a bit.

I've disassembled the unit and started with removing old dust and other crap that piled inside of it.

Bent backside of a keyboard.

a bit dusty membrane :)

I did mandatory keycaps cleaning and after a while, I had nice, clean and most importantly, straight keyboard for my Amy464 ;)

PCB also required minor cleaning.

... but it was back to mint condition after a short while

While cleaning cassette recorder, I've found that counter reset button is broken.

I've tried to glue it together with cyanoacrylate but bond failed miserably on a first try.

So I did a small hack :)

After cleaning and final assembly unit looks like this:

Now, it would be great to actually load something up.
But how ? I didn't have any cassettes from retro-times.

Internetz to the rescue !!!

Few minutes later I've got my answer !

I've hooked it all up to an MP3 player and started tests.

Above wouldn't be possible without some amazing software projects that are very helpful with converting CDT files to WAV/MP3. CDT2WAV authored by Markus Hofmann was extremely useful. Markus, thanks for this project :)

Anyway, while I was looking for various info on the Internetz, I've found a video of someone loading a game through an MP3 player - Bruce Lee.
A cunning plan was born :>

Black aaaaaader !!, black aaaaader !!

.... naaah , not that cunning ;>

I was curious if it will work with a real hardware and I gave it a go.
Here is a video of this test.

PS. these videos feat. special pissing effects in the background ;P ... and no it wasn't me ;P

aaaaaaaaaaannd BOOOM !!! It loaded just fine !

HA ! Can your Amstrad load a youtube video ?! Can it ?! ... evil laughter follows ...

PART TWO with two other 464 repairs is still loading (no , not from youtube ;P) so stay tuned :)


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