Website update

… or I knew this is coming

The update

Dear readers,

I hope you are all OK during these weird times.

I knew this is coming sooner or later and that I will have to sort out my page someday. This Covid19 situation kinda forced me to spend time on fixing it instead of constantly playing with retro hardware.

Today, I present to you my first attempt at my new website design. I will be very grateful for any feedback. Please write in the comments section what you like or dislike so I can further improve this website. Leave a comment below or simply drop me an e-mail. Facebook or Twitter is also an option. I am trying my best to make this website look less lame lol 😀

What’s new + other worth noting changes:

  • New, light layout. with lots of fixes.
  • I’ve added a blog post email subscription, so if you would like to receive an email when I’ll write a post, feel free to signup.
  • I’ve added an eBay link in the social links section so if someone is interested in getting hardware that I’ve worked on, then you now have a direct option and link to my eBay store
  • I am still working on the readability of posts and product descriptions – some of the products are fixed but it will take a while to finish all of ’em
  • Ability to log in and comment via a Facebook or Google account – experimental option – let me know in comments if it is ok
  • Covid19 emergency shipping – well, not my fault, but I have no other option. Cheap and reliable shipping is gone. I am in the middle of negotiations with a courier company so we will see what’s next with it soon.
  • Contact page – work in progress
  • Lots of other crap – work in progress

There is quite a few upcoming news about ongoing projects, ThED and mouSTer just to name the two of them, but more are in a WorkInProgress state so stay tuned.

Cheers and stay safe


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