#SHORTS – ZX 81 Keyboard membrane swap

…or “have a nice key” 😉


Some time ago, I described my ZX 81 mods and repairs in a blog post. Unfortunately, the keyboard stopped working. So now we have a post -> #SHORTS – ZX 81 Keyboard membrane swap

I’ve decided to swap it with a new keyboard membrane this time. This is how it was done.

The connectors on the old membrane were too brittle.

I ordered the new membrane in one of eBay‘s stores and it arrived quickly. The quality is awesome!

The swap

I had to remove the old membrane first. I’ve used a hot-air gun to soften the old glue.

The remaining glue was cleaned using a piece of cloth and some hydrocarbon solvent.

Fitting a new membrane.

I’ve also added some nice rubber pads on the bottom 😉

This is it! ZX 81 works flawlessly now 🙂


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