#SHORTS – Sinclair ZX Printer

… or 3D printing FTW! … again.


I bought a Sinclair ZX printer the other day.

As usual, it turned out to be broken.

… oh! we’ve gotta fix that!


It came in the original styrofoam but I am not sure if a PSU is original. Let me know in the comments section if you know if this PSU is original or not.


It is a small device so that was quick and smooth.

It was kinda obvious from the very beginning but now it was confirmed – a broken belt

The fix

At the time of the fix, I didn’t own a resin 3D printer and FFF one uses Bowden type extruder so I cannot print out of flexible filament that easily. That was not a problem though, I bought a 3D-printed replacement belt via eBay.

I also had to make new pins that hold springs as the original pins were missing.

I’ve used cyanoacrylate to secure pins on the belt.


Putting it all together.

Testing time

I’ve assembled a testing setup.

ZX Spectrum 48k + ZX Interface 2 + ZX printer

Viola! Sinclair ZX Printer ready

Well, it still requires minor tunning but at least it works now 🙂


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