Retrohax becomes the official distributor of LOTHAREK

… or now there is gonna be even work to do

This is short info that I would like to share as it is quite a milestone for Retrohax 🙂

I am proud to announce that Retrohax just became Poland exclusive and official worldwide distributor of gear made by Lotharek

From now on, expect all hardware mods, add-ons, modules manufactured by Lotharek, to slowly start showing up in my shop.

Also, the official UK market distributor of both Lotharek and Retrohax is RetroLemon

If you find any typos or errors in descriptions, please don’t kill me 😉 There were a lot of products to describe in a very short time. Also, please note that initial shipments might be delayed until we figure out proper methods.

Now you can safely watch our demo 😉

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