Atari 1040 STFM refurb and Gotek upgrade

... or another machine goes to Norway


Master level! I've gotta work more and level up quickly :D


I've decided that I'll finally start working on Atari ST machines that I've ordered some time ago. Most of the machines had broken cases or were severely yellowed but that is a story for another blog post.

Today, I have a short story about preparing an Atari for Alexander from Norway. He actually made me start working on STs ;)

Since Alexander ordered quite a few machines in the past I decided that I'll pick a best looking ST and arm it with few upgrades.
That was actually the only unit with a NOT cracked case

Here it is.

It was a bit dirty but cleaning was a simple task ... if you know how to do it obviously ;)

It had few scratches on a top cover but that was smoothened with a sandpaper later on.

Alexander asked me if I could install UK TOS in it. Obviously, that was not a problem. However, I didn't have UK keyboard. All 23 STs that I had, came with German TOS and keys so I've ended up buying a whole unit only to get a UK keyboard :D

In order to clean it properly, disassembly was needed.

... and here is the result.

I wasn't really pleased with slightly yellowed keycaps so I did another round of whitening and that sorted out the problem.


In the meantime, I've started working on a GOTEK drive. I've flashed an awesome FlashFloppy firmware to it.
First tests.

There was a small problem though ...

... unfortunately a ribbon cable was a bit too short ... grrrr ....

I've decided that I'll remove original connector and solder in a standard pin header instead.

Shortly after that, I realized that power supply cable was also too short ... grrrr
I've ended up extending that one as well.

That finished Gotek mod. Below is a short video with Gotek running .

Video sync fix

In STFM series, there is a slight problem with video sync on modern TVs.
Atari simply loses sync after a reset which results in an unstable video output. There is a simple fix (Yay ! Internet FTW !). A resistor has to be soldered between chip pins near modulator.
I've soldered it on a bottom side of a PCB.


The final job was to put UK TOS 1.04 inside.
That was achieved by flashing and fitting two flashroms - Winbond W27C010.
These flash chips are not exactly pin-compatible - each of 'em has four more pins.

That is not a problem but requires running few external wires.


Below few pics of a finished work.

That's it. Job is done and new owner is very happy (AFAIK ;P)

ps. Atari also received a 4MB RAM upgrade but I forgot to take pics of that mod ;)


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