Commodore Amiga 500 – SET


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Refurbished Commodore Amiga 500


This is a consignment sale of a refurbished after-market computer. It has been refurbished by Retrohax and is in fully working order.

I am giving a month of warranty so you can conveniently test it and return it if you are not happy.


This Amiga is NOT MODIFIED and is in very good condition.

Set includes:

  • Fully working Amiga 500 PAL
  • Case cleaned and painted in original color – computer spectrography method.
  • Motherboard revision: 8A (8375 AGNUS chip)
  • 0.5 MB RAM trapdoor expansion
  • Original Power supply 230V
  • Original tank mouse
  • 3D printed and painted side bracket
  • The mouSTer – modern USB mouse adapter 
  • High-Quality A/V cable by Lotharek

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