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Refurbished and upgraded Amiga 500  – 1 month warranty
– Case painted – Magic green – DAYLIGHT photos
– Keyboard painted with transparent green immitating slime – texture intended
– Custom made and unique badge (Original included)
– Board revision: 6A
– Original floppy drive (switchable with GOTEK)
– Brand new built-in GOTEK(FlashFloppy firmware) drive to conviniently load software from USB pendrive without any external wires
– Preloaded USB pendrive with GOTEK software + games + demoscene productions
– Dual switchable Kickstart  – 1.3 / 3.1
– Original ROM chip included
– 1MB onboard CHIP RAM upgrade
– RAM switch – two configs:
       1.  onboard CHIP RAM 1MB (trap door port disabled) 
       2. 0.5 MB (trap door port enabled) + 0.5 MB trapdoor memory expansion
Build-in modulator allowing to connect color composite and S-Video signal (crisp video output)
– 3D printed dummy side plug and trapdoor
– PAL unit
NO PSU ! – main unit only

I am happy to accept standard item returns, if they are returned within 30 days of being received, and item has not been damaged and it is in original condition. Postage for returned items will not be refunded.

If you have ANY questions regarding this unit, feel free to ask.
NOTE on shipping time:
EU: 7-21 days – tracked priority package
USA / Canada: 14-30 days – tracked priority package
Australia: 14-30 days – tracked priority package


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