MOS 7501 replacement C16/C116/Plus4 by Lotharek

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MOS 7501 replacement for C16/C116/Plus4

Hardware, manuals, FAQ, and other info on manufacturers website – HERE

A replacement for your dead MOS 7501 chip found in the C16, C116, and C/Plus4 based on 6502

  • CPU replacement for Commodore +4 /16/116 with additional 512 kB memory upgrade  compatible with Hannes 256kB RAM

Installation notes:

  • remove CPU
  • insert 6502plus4 module ( WATCH FOR PROPER NOTCH ORIENTATION!!)
  • Ready!
  • to get 256kB – Remove old DRAM, solder CAS signal to CAS of removed DRAMs
    • example Commodore C16: point indicated by the red arrow below

CAS signal is present:

  • pin 15 of 1bit memory chips ( 8 pieces at motherboard)
  • pin 16 of 4bit memory chips ( 2 pieces at motherboard)





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