Amiga 500 / 2000 boot-selector

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Brand new boot-selector for Amiga 500 and 2000.


Amiga 500 / 2000 boot-selector design is a bit different than those available on the market nowadays. It is based on boot-selector by Mq but uses a bit different PCB layout.

Swaps DF0 and DF1 signals and makes external floppy bootable. Works great with external GOTEK as well as the original, external floppy drive.

It uses a multiplexer to swap proper signals. This solution is therefore not prone to errors that can cause instabilities due to signals going from Even CIA to a switch and back to Even CIA which is commonly seen in other solutions offered on the market. It basically grounds (or not) a signal going to a multiplexer instead of Even CIA.

This is a plug&play solution. No soldering required.


Package contents:

  • Amiga 500 / 2000 boot-selector PCB

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