SRAM 64Kb v3 replacement for Atari XL/XE by Lotharek

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SRAM 64Kb v3replacement for Atari XL/XE

Hardware, manuals, FAQ, and other info on manufacturers website – HERE

SRAM MODULE is the first step to help Atari owners to repair their computers, as in most cases faulty RAM chip is a problem.

  • Replaces faulty base 64KB RAM in all Atari XL/XE
  • Replaces broken DELAY LINE chip in XL computers
  • Upgrades RAM in 600XL to 64KB
  • Ultimate 1MB connector
  • VBXE IRQ connector

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Step by step: 

  • install  SRAM MODULE under the MAIN CPU; insert CPU to SRAM MODULE
  • Connect CI point at SRAM module  to  CAS_INHIBIT SIGNAL (for example MMU pin 16)
  • EXT – connection to Extension Select is not needed to resurrect Atari, but some upgrades may need it, Rapidus for example.  Please, refer to the schematics of your computer.
  • PIN 1 is below EXT hole; bottom left at below picture.

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