SIDE3 – Cartridge for Atari XL/XE by Lotharek

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SIDE3 – Cartridge for Atari XL/XE

Hardware, manuals, FAQ, and other info on manufacturers website – HERE

Ultimate cart for Atari 8-Bit with XEX, COM, ROM / Cartridges load support. It has all features of SIDE2 and is direct competition to ULTIMATE CART


  • Use of inexpensive, easily sourced SD cards instead of CF cards
  • Emulation of a wide range of cartridge types, up to 1MB in size
  • Real-time clock with battery-backed NVRAM
  • A massive 8MB of flash ROM and 2MB of fast SRAM
  • Versatile ROM/RAM access with the DMA engine
  • Hot-swappable media
  • Dual-mode (SDX/Loader) operation, controlled by a switch
  • Menu button (doubles as ATR swap button when used with U1MB)
  • Excellent build quality with stylish case design

Tech data:

  • 8MB ROM
  • Lattice FPGA  INFO
  • heavy duty Hirose SD CARD SLOT INFO
  • Real-time clock based on MCP79520  INFO
  • DMA loading mechanism (very fast !)
  • ATR loading mechanism ( limited !)

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