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Hardware, manuals, FAQ, and other info on manufacturers website – HERE

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Fully automatic SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation.

How does it work?

Imagine, you have many retro systems in use. Amiga, Atari ST, ZX spectrum, etc… and you have only one TV/Monitor with one SCART INPUT. Each time, you want to switch the system, you have to connect your machine to your monitor. Every time, You do it – you damage the SCART socket. Those days are over. Connect up to 16 computers/consoles to HYDR2A, then connect HYDRA2 to Your TV/Monitor and power on hydra with your mobile phone charger with MICRO USB plug. HYDRA2 will detect an active SCART input and forward all signals to your TV/monitor. Simple and efficient.

New features comparing  to HYDRA2

  • 16 SCART inputs ( RGB, s-video, composite)
  • 2 SCART output
  • “Knight rider” style active SCART detection
  • Full ROHS
  • Expandable with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs SCART functionality
  • AVR controller with firmware future updates
  • HQ Plexi
  • STEREO RCA audio output
  • IR controlled
  • MICRO USB power supply (regular mobile phone charger 5V1A will do the job)
  • Improved signal detection hysteresis – all cables shall work now
  • SYNC ON GREEN  mode for SCART input 2 (SW7 – SOG SWITCH)
  • RGB ONLY / AUTO mode for SCART input 8 (SW8 )
  • 3 independent audio buffers for each audio output
  • fully compatible with HYDRA2 firmware
  • manual/automatic mode
  • Dedicated remote sold separately – soon; thus You can always use any NEC/ENEC compatible one You may already have – Please, check the FAQ tab above
  • DUAL POWER INPUT:  REGULAR MICRO USB MOBILE CHARGER (preferred)  or  power supply:
    • 2.1 / 5.1 barrel jack
    • 7.5V-9V AC/DC
    • DC polarity independent
    • 9V suggested ( REMEMBER – more voltage You supply, more heat hydra will produce)
  • TTL SYNC can be switch on both outputs at the same time, even if one receiver is 75ohm capable only
  • added extra protection at SCART INPUTS to protects NCS chips


Do not use garbage power supply – any decent micro USB mobile charger will do the work.. and please be careful with USB SOCKET 😉

NEVER connect/disconnect SCART PLUGS  while HYDRA is POWERED ON especially when CONSOLE/COMPUTER is also POWERED ON!

I’ve put much effort into the ability to pass through many types of signals: from composite to component. To protect the device and not to cut signal range, HYDRAs have additional ESD protection diodes, but for a short period of time when scanning for active SCART, Hydra is defenseless. If You got to hit that moment by plugging a powered-on device, You will damage the RGB chip with ESD voltage that may reach thousands of volts (not dangerous for you, but electronics is fragile..). This chip may become very hot and protection will probably brick hydra till one of the chips is replaced (NCS2564). The cost of repair is 10Euro !!!

Possible symptoms:

  • knight rider effect stops
  • one SCART port doesn`t work
  • Interferences between ports
  • HD led doesn`t work anymore
  • only one port gives the correct picture; others are darker…


  • No tricky electronics inside as NOT NEEDED. Hydra has built-in all necessary features
  • Hydra accepts the following sync signals at pin 20 of SCART:
    • Composite video
    • Luma
    • Composite sync  ( please, read FAQ tab above)


  • left SW3  – scan for active source to the left from active one (if active is far left, no action) /  next scart in manual mode
  • right SW1 – scan for active source to the right from active one (if active is far-right, no action) / previous scart in manual mode
  • middle SW2 – HD/LOW PASS filter (led on/off) – default ON; more details HERE, page 11
  • left+right pressed – disables “knight rider led effect”
  • middle + right – Automatic/manual mode
  • SW4/SW5 – TTL / 75Ohm switch sync ( do not use on 75Ohm receivers !). LED ON = TTL SYNC OUTPUT
    • SW4 for scart output J2 (left)
    • SW5 for scart output J3 (right)



  • SW7 – SYNC ON GREEN  mode for scart input 2; DEFAULT OFF, LED OFF
  • SW8 – RGB ONLY / AUTO mode for scart input 8 ( Amstrad Computers, ZX 128 +2/3), DEFAULT AUTO


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