RGB4ALL – video converter v1.1


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RGB4ALL – Universal video converter v1.1


The RGB4ALL – video converter v1.1 is a universal converter based on the AD724 chip. It takes RGB signal on an input, encodes and outputs it to more convenient Composite video or S-Video sockets which are more often seen in modern TVs.
It was tested with Amiga 500/600/1200, Amstrad 464/6128, Neo Geo MVS  and other hardware that outputs RGB signal.

Some people successfully implemented it in the Atari ST series and in Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k +2 or other hardware such as car audio/video stations.

Installing it in a machine with an NTSC circuitry is possible but requires a re-soldering quartz oscillator.

Please remember to change the SJ1 solder blob to the proper position if using NTSC mode.

There is a PAL quartz oscillator soldered on by default.

Every package has a spare NTSC quartz oscillator included.


UPDATE: Version 1.1 has S-Video and CHINCH sockets mounted on the top side for a more convenient installation.

I am offering a fully assembled internal version.
Basic soldering skills are required.
Board requires six signals described as R, G, B, S, +5V, GND.
Please refer to your computer manual/schematics for exact soldering points.

+5V    – Five Volt supply rail
GND  –  ground
S – Sync

Package contains:

  • NTSC quartz oscillator


This is a DIY KIT! If you are not skilled enough to install it yourself then please do not buy it!
retrohax.net is not taking any responsibility for any damage you have done to your machine caused by installation errors.


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