MEDUSA – Retro scandoubler by Lotharek

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Hardware, manuals, FAQ, and other info on manufacturers website – HERE

Medusa is coming! After many experiments with the Framemeister, OSSC, and others, we decided to make a quantum leap ahead of all competition and make a better device.

The Medusa project was started 6-7  years ago when 2 people – retro geeks have met – Acidmaker (creator of Sio2sd) and Lotharek.


What we are about to offer:

  • the device,  that converts pictures from retro systems to modern displays, that utilize DVI output  (with a small/cheap adapter also HDMI)
  • the device, made at my(Lotharek)automatic lines, represents the highest standards of SMD/THT assembly
  • the device is in a metal case with a nice OLED LCD
  • OSD !!!  both on small LCD and displayed picture
  • an additional, completely NEW approach to picture settings (USB connection PC-MEDUSA) via terminal banging.
  • easiest worldwide firmware flashing (just connect medusa to PC/MAC via USB)
  • Medusa accepts almost all SIGNALS that retro computers can produce:
    • composite ( yellow chinch, via scart)
    • S-video (via scart)
    • RGB ( via scart)
    • RGBHS ( via VGA connector, separate syncs)
  • 2 functional jack 3.5 mm stereo – working as input and output
  • DVI-I output port working in many modes: along with  adapters: DVI_I  it supplies VGA and digital picture, thus old  CRT monitors, as well as modern TVs, may be used
  • hundreds of slots for customer’s display sets
  • at the moment of release, MEDUSA will detect and properly will display the following systems in all available formats:
    • AMIGA
    • ATARI ST
    • ATARI 8bit
    • ZX SPECTRUM 128 (RGB, composite)


  • we are counting on You! please support us – we want You to test all devices /consoles You have. Let us know what video modes shall be added to the firmware. We are sorry, we cannot add all available systems to the device at the moment of sale. But HEY – we will add it to the next firmware release.

Power supply:

  • micro USB mobile phone charger (5V, 500 mA minimum)


  • composite video ( via scart)
  • S-VIDEO (via scart)
  • RGB (via scart)
  • RGB via VGA input ( separate syncs)


  • DVI-I (digital and analog output via adapters )
  • Audio out

More info on the author’s web page – HERE

Official MEDUSA website – HERE

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