Hydra Heads by Lotharek

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Hydra Heads

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A daughterboard for HYDRA with additional 8 full SCART inputs.


Hydra 8port SCART switcher, maybe “easily” expanded with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs SCART functionality.

How does it work?

After establishing a connection with flat cables between HYDRA (master unit) and HYDRA HEADS (slave unit), the user forces HYDRA to work with HEADS expansion and 8 additional SCART inputs it offers.

To obtain the above functionality,  jumper (solder pads) JP1 must be shorted. From that moment, HYDRA does scanning between 16 SCART input ports in search for active one to route all signals to output SCART.

How about connecting another Hydra Heads to an already connected one?

Additional Hydra Heads units may be added to previously installed ones to achieve 24 inputs. JP2 jumper needs to be shorted.


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Dimensions 40 × 18 × 18 cm