HxC floppy emulator – USB by Lotharek

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HxC – Floppy drive emulator



This is the USB version of the HxC floppy emulator.

The product page on the manufacturer’s website – HERE

HxC floppy emulator – USB

The HxC floppy emulator is a very smart device designed by Jean-François Del Nero. It allows you to emulate any 34-pin floppy disk drive. The SDCard HxC Floppy Emulator can replace different kinds of floppy disk drives and allows you to use SD Card media instead of floppy disks. This emulator is actually used with Amiga, Atari, CPC, PC computers, different keyboards and samplers, CNC machine tools, and scientific instruments…




HxC USB floppy emulator needs a PC with a free USB port to act as a file feeder. The device is READ ONLY.

How does it work?

The idea is very simple! Step by step:

  1. Connect HCX floppy emulator to your floppy connector (34 pins) in your Amiga/Atari ST/ ZX+3/CPC/PC with a ribbon cable.
  2. Connect HXC with USB A-B cable (not included) to your PC.
  3. Run supplied software.
  4. Load any floppy image file (in case of AMIGA: ADF or ADZ file).
  5. Power on your retro computer and ENJOY!
  6. You can swap disks while the device is working! No problems with that!


  • PC with a free USB port and a USB A-B cable
  • Windows operating system
  • Amiga/Atari ST/ ZX+3/CPC/PC …



More downloads: Jeff`s Page 


FAQ section

1. What devices are supported? Will the HxC emulator work with my device?




 2. My device is not on the list?  Can you help?

You can submit questions and new host support requests to Jeff’s forum: http://torlus.com/floppy/forum/

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