Amiga 600 and 1200 s-video adapter

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The S-Video add-on for Amiga 600 / 1200.
This is a mod that replaces original on-board modulator with S-Video connector vastly improving picture quality

This is a fully assembled internal version.
Basic soldering skills are required to connect this device.
Board requires four signals described on PCB as:

GND – Ground
VCC – +5 Volts
YIN – Luminance – Leg nr 16 of Sony CXA1145
CIN – Chrominance – Leg nr 15 of Sony CXA1145

Quick installation manual

Ver 1.0 from the above manual is unavailable. A slightly smaller and better ver 2.0 is offered here.

Package contains:

S-Video mod PCB

This is a DIY KIT! If you are not skilled enough to install it yourself then please do not buy it!
Retro-cloud is not taking any responsibility for any damage you have done to your machine caused by installation errors.

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